About Me

Hello, I'm Kailey! I am 22 and have spent all of those years living in Tucson, Arizona. A lot of people imagine the desert being a dry wasteland, but if you've spent any time here you know that's far from the truth. Arizona has so many options when it comes to scenery that make breathtaking photos; desert, woods, lakes, mountains, cities, we have it all! Thats what makes this place a photographers dream and is what inspired Desert Dream Photography's name. Don't get me wrong. While I enjoy the desert, I absolutely love to travel and will go wherever you choose to take me! Looking at old family photos (especially of past relatives) takes you back to a moment in time. Imagine a life without photos, the amount of history that would be lost would be such a shame. I want to capture all of those beautiful moments that can't be immortalized to make something that's going to outlive me for many years to come.

Why Me?

You don't know how much it means to me that you're taking the time to read this right now. I know choosing a photographer for your special day can feel like a lot, but you're in the right place! You can say goodbye to awkward photo posing in front of a camera and hello to your next adventure. I like my photos to be as candid as possible, because that's what makes a photo a memory. Let's go somewhere you love, with the people you love. At the end of the day I don't consider the people I work with as "clients" but more as my new found friends.

lets adventure

The photo to the left is one of the rare occasions I'm in front of the camera instead of behind it, only because I knew it was necessary for this about me page! Thank you to my assistant Katie who took this up in Pinetop! check out her event planning business down below!

Three fun facts about me!


I work full-time as a paraprofessional. Working with kids (much like photography) is one of my biggest passions in life. It makes my heart so full to be lucky enough to be working two jobs I absolutely love.


These fun facts are turning into more about things I love instead of fun facts! I just had to mention that I have a fur baby named Charlie that I love to pieces! He's a four year old golden retriever (pictured down below) Dogs are the way to my heart.


Okay now an actual fun/ weird fact about me. Large birds freak me out. Ask about my petting zoo experience if you get the chance to.